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Is your idea the next big thing?

Startup SuperNova is a collaborative project of KLAK – Icelandic Startups and Nova, which seeks to build business solutions for the international market. We open for applications in May 2022.

Masterclass June 23rd – 25th

Stage 1

Mentorar sitjandi við borð
Startup SuperNova begins with a powerful Masterclass, where participants receive training and guidance in preparing an 18-month action plan for their projects. Masterclass Startup SuperNova will be open to everyone for registration. Participation in the Masterclass is required for those who want to go ahead and apply for the accelerator itself.

Deadline and submission is on July 8th

Stage 2

Kynning fyrir framan þáttakanda Startup Supernova
Participants must be prepared with an 18-month action plan that must be submitted along with an application for the accelerator.

The top 10 projects will advance to a 5-week business accelerator

5 – week business accelerator

Stage 3

Samræður einstaklinga Startup Supernova
Up to 10 startups have the opportunity to get a spot in the accelerator, which lasts for 5 weeks. The purpose of the accelerator is to accelerate the startups' progress, and that it should be investable when it is accelerated.

Investor day on September 9th

Stage 4

Kona að kynna Startup Supernova
Startup SuperNova formally ends with an investor day where the teams present their projects to a full house of guests. This is an event that is fun to participate in, and watch the harvest of the teams that participated.

Platform for startups

Startup SuperNova aims to accelerate the progress of companies and help them become a significant investment option. Participants get education and training in development of their business ideas and access to a team of leading experts, including experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Startup SuperNova starts on June 23rd, in a powerful Masterclass and on August 3rd, an accelerator begins and lasts for 5 weeks. Startups SuperNova ends with a great investor day on September 9th.

For who?

We are looking for strong teams with smart and creative business solutions that have the potential to compete on international market. The accelerator is a springboard for start-up companies and is a great platform for further development of innovative projects within well-established companies. When reviewing applications, the uniqueness and novelty of the idea, the market to be appealed to, the composition of the team and their interest and willingness to go beyond the comfort zone and work diligently towards their goals are taken into account.


The teams selected for participation will have access to fully equipped work facilities during the project. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities that come with being alongside other entrepreneurs. An organized program takes place every week. Participants must take part in the preparations for the investor day of the project and the final day itself, which will take place in Reykjavík, in early September.

Is the accelerator also for companies that are already in business?

It is not a requirement that the companies are newly established, as it is common for new ideas to emerge from the employees of more established companies. Such companies can send teams to Startup SuperNova to further developing of new ideas or technologies. We especially encourage business executives to apply, who have had to reduce their operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Participation could develop the company in new directions and make it ready to deal with changing circumstances and new consumption and travel habits of the public.

We live outside of the capital area / abroad, can we participate?

Yes, of course! We make every effort to utilize teleconferencing technology and organize the accelerator in such a way that it is possible to limit trips for those who live elsewhere.

The application process

A team of experienced individuals will grade the applications once the deadline expires. Around 20-30 teams will be interviewed and from those teams we will decide on the final 10.

How much does it cost to participate?

Participation in the accelerator is free of charge. Participants must, however, cover the travel costs themselves, in those cases it applies.

Is my business idea safe in your hands?

Yes. All applications are treated as confidential information.

Where is Startup SuperNova based?

Startup SuperNova is operated in the heart of the Science Parks in Gróska, where you can find the home of innovation and entrepreneurship in Iceland in close proximity to universities, the hospital and many of the country‘s leading innovation companies. This location provides a unique opportunity for experimentation, learnings, and value creation.


Access to work facilities and high-speed internet connection. Participants will have access to a large group of leading experts and a number of opportunities to strengthen their network and promote their idea. We offer a full program during the accelerator, which aims to further develop business ideas and bring the product to market.

The application process

In order to be eligible to apply for Startup SuperNova, participants must have completed a three-day Masterclass, where the emphasis will be on preparing an 18-month action plan that must be submitted with the application. After completing the Masterclass, participants have approximately two weeks to complete the application and apply for the accelerator (itself). A group of well-selected experts will review the applications and give them a rating. It is expected that between 20 – 30 teams with the highest scores will be invited for an interview, and finally ten teams will be selected to participate. The result will be announced well in advance before the accelerator starts on August 3rd. Here you can register for the Masterclass of Startup SuperNova.

Any more questions?

Please contact us at +354 552 5151 or send us an e-mail to